Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency drive is a combination of three ie. AC motor, operator interface and main drive assembly controller. These VFDs are used in almost every field of electric use. From small home or kitchen appliances to compressors used in mine mills.

It is being used since many decades and as the time progressed, its size and cost has reduced and performance and quality has improved. We at Imperial world trade manufacturer wide range of VFDs. We are renowned Variable frequency drive manufacturers. We are variable frequency drive suppliers as well as VFD exporters. We export our goods to USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria.

Working of VFD

Let’s divide its working in stages to understand better. Converting is the first stage; it is similar to working of pumping system. There are diodes to be comprised as check valves in pumps. That is allowed to be flow in single direction. We can only avoid AC bus over DC bus by only adding capacitor I it.

The same working is applicable to 3 diodes negative side of bus. Now we got 6 pulse current, when each diode opens and close. And this is known as standard configuration of variable frequency drive. The voltage here is as equal to the pressure in water pumps.

The actual voltage pressure is totally dependent on level of the AC current line. It is not balanced on the power system. There is a diode converter bridge, which converts alternate current to direct current and it is also known for converter only. And there is a converter which converts direct current to alternate current and it is known as inverter.

In motors we can make positive or negative to any phase and it can generate any frequency level. So we can make it negative, positive or zero. If we want to decrease the frequency level, we just need to switch the output to inverter transistors very slowly. We must know that v/hz ratio must be same.

If we decrease the frequency then we must decrease the value of voltage to maintain the ratio. We are leading VFD manufacturer as well as VFD suppliers and VFD exporters.

Importance of Variable frequency drive

If we have device that have high power but it doesn’t need that much power to run then we can control its power by variable frequency drive for cutting its cost and energy. It helps us to control the energy of the device equal to the requirement of load.

Use of VFDs are effective in lessen the production cost and improves the quality of product. By commencing the equipment on effective speed lessen the mistakes to be happened and more the production hence will result in more revenues for company.

It extends the life of equipment and decreases the cost of maintenance. When we control a device with variable frequency drive then we don’t allow higher voltage to run through device. Thus device last for longer life and give effective production irrespective to lesser maintenance cost.

It will protect the motor effectively because it controls the Voltage and frequency of the current flow. Hence the product is saving from damages and maintenance.

We are renowned variable frequency drive manufacturers in India. We are VFD suppliers as well as variable frequency drive exporters. We are committed to provide quality products to the customers.

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