Electric cables wires

An electric cable is an assembly of two or more wires which are bonded together side by side, twisted or braided. It is referred to specific length where multiple wires are laid clockwise then anti-clockwise and shackled to produce strong thick wire, which is water absorption resistant.

Electric cables wires connect two or more devices to transfer the power or electrical signals to each other. These cables are used for multiple purposes and it must be made for that specific purpose.

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While making buildings, wiring in it for lighting and power supply is done with the help of these electric cable wires. In these cable there can be one or more conductors with their own insulation and screens, individual covering and assembly protection and protected coverings. It can be flexible by stranding the inner wires.

Importance of quality electric cables wires

Cables are inseparable part of our life. We use it every day in our day to day life without knowing its importance. These are highly important part to be taken care of, while house wiring from safety view point.

The quality of electric wires and cables must not be compromised at any cost. Imperial world trade is the leading electric cables wires manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

We can cut cost of other things while making new house but can’t do cost cutting at this point. We need to be more careful while selecting electric cables and wires. These low quality cables can cause major damage.

We must consider three elements while purchasing cables for specific purpose. These are as

Types and uses of electric cables wires


  • Coaxial cables
  • Communication cables
  • Communication cables
  • Flexible cables
  • Heliax cable
  • Metallic sheathed cables
  • Multicore cables
  • Nonmetallic sheathed cables
  • Paired cable
  • Portable cord
  • Ribbon cable
  • Shielded cable
  • Single cable
  • Submersible cable
  • Twinax cable
Electrons, Voltage & Current

Electrons are the elements which transfer from one end to another while the cable is connected to two ends. The pressure created by the flow of electrons is referred as voltage and current is the outcome of the flow.

Metals wires are good as they have large surface to volume ratio. This is important as electrons travel over the surface.


Shielding is to protect the copper wire from outer interferences. It can affect the cables unless it is shielded effectively. Shield is the conductive material that absorbs external signals.


Impedance is the opposite signals. It must be equal to all the way across as if it doesn’t match, the waves will get out of phase and collide with each other.

Electric cables in India are used widely. We are electric cables and wires manufacturers; here we manufacture wide variety of cables and wires. We are leading electric wires and cables suppliers and exporters. We never ever compromise with the quality of cables and wires at any cost.

We specialize in developing customized products as per the requirements of our customers.

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