Cable Glands

Cable glands are used as binding agent. It is made to tie and secure the end of cable attached to equipment. These cable accessories are widely used in our day to day life. This is designed for combining lead or aluminum sheath of cable. It can also be used for sealing the two cable connections.

Imperial world trade is cable glands and cable accessories manufacturers, exporters and suppliers. We supply cable glands in India as well as export in USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria. We manufacture best quality glands. These are manufacture from metallic or nonmetallic material.

There is mainly four type of materials used for making these glands:

  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

These are used according to the requirements. Cable glands are used in all electric power, control, instruments, telecommunications, etc. The cable glands are also used as the terminator which is to make sure the secure supply of signals from cable to electric devices.

Usage of Cable Glands:

  • Brass Indoor Type Glands: These glands are mainly used for plastic, rubber or SWA sheathed cables. It is recommended using it with shroud.
  • Brass Outdoor Type Glands: These are used for termination of plastic or rubber sheathed cables. These are also available with integral earth facility so as to get protection from current to human body while touching naked cables.
  • Brass weather proof glands: It is used for uninterrupted usage. It is gripped to protect the cable from all type of weather conditions.
  • PG threaded glands: These are nickel quoted glands mainly used for industrial purposes.
  • Industrial type glands: These are used for griping outer sheath for providing mechanical strength and earthing facility for industrial use.

We, here in Imperial world trade, have wide range of all the above said cable glands. We are quality cable glands and accessories manufacturers. We are suppliers and exports of cable glands and accessories too.

Importance of Cable Glands & Cable Accessories

These cable glands are the inseparable part of our daily life. We are so much technology habitual that we can’t imagine our life without any of our daily usable gadget. While using these electric devices in our daily routine we are unknowingly using cable accessories.

Imperial world trade is manufacturers of cable glands and accessories known its importance very well. So as to satisfy your requirements, we manufacture, supply and export these cable glands and accessories in India, USA, UK, UAE and Nigeria.

We know the importance of the quality of these products so we are committed to provide the quality as per the defined standards.

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